Catering Information


Weddings, showers, birthdays, corporate parties - if you're ready to celebrate, we can add class and caffienation to any event. 

Custom Menus

We are always prepared to offer our full drink selection, but we can also offer a custom menu just right for you. Limit the options or allow us to create a custom drink! We can also source special extra items to make your event perfect. 


We can coordinate with vendors from all over Austin to offer special desserts that will complement your coffee service. 

Let's Make A Date!

Give us a call at 512-910-4908 or email us at about catering your event. 

Please include date, location and estimated guest count. 

We look forward to serving you!


Catering (delivery and pickup) (pdf)


Onsite Catering (events) (pdf)


Menu - printable (pdf)